Geography Club

Zooey Magazine Photoshoot

Behind-the-Scenes with GEOGRAPHY CLUB Cast at Zooey Magazine Photoshoot

We got to hang out with Justin Deeley, Alex Newell, Meaghan Martin, Cameron Deane Stewart, Allie Gonino, Ally Maki & the cast of GEOGRAPHY CLUB on the set of their photoshoot for Zooey Magazine. Check it out!


Geography Club Dinner with Ally Maki

we had the chance to have dinner with Ally Maki from Geography Club - check out her channel here: Geography Club is available On Demand on the 15th and will be in select theaters in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, Santa Fe and Phoenix. it was a great book for me to read as an LGBT teen in high school and i highly suggest reading it if you're an LGBT teen as well.

Geography Club Q&A!

Geography Club Q&A with Ally Maki (Min) + Meet up!

Hey guys! Because of the VOD release of my latest film "Geography Club" today I thought I'd do a special Q&A sesh just for my YouTube subscribers! If you have any additional questions, leave me a comment and I'll write you back as best I can! Love you guys. xoxo, A

Geography Movie Review!

Geography Club movie review - CriticNic

In this video review we take a look at the new high school comedy drama, "Geography Club." This film attempts to tackle real teen issues while still being funny, but does it succeed? Find out in this video :)

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